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Folder 836: Davis, Anne Ruth (interviewer): Hester Barnes



The following interview was either never sent to Project officials in Chapel Hill, or they never saved a copy. There are, however, other interviews by Bernice Kelly Harris with individuals with the family name of Balmer. See for example "The Drapers 'Set' Till Bed-Time." 11163A ^Approximately %J0t WordB SOUTH CAROLINA WRITERS1 PROJEOT LIFE HISTORY $cr r TITLE: HESTER BARNES Date of First Writing Name of Person Interviewed Fictitious Name Address Place Occupation January 5, 1939 Mrs. D.B. Stone Hester Barnes Fairlee Street, Marion, 8.0. Marion County, S.O. Widow of Sewing Machine Agent Name of Writer Annie Ruth Davis 11163 B Projec t # 3613 Annie Ruth Davis Marion, S.C. January jl9 1939 HESTSR BARBE8 (White) MARIOH, MARIOH OOUMTY SOUTH OAROLIMA A s l i g h t rap on the front door of the l i t t l e Barnes home brought the sound of hurr ied foots teps down the narrow h a l l . Mrs. Hester Barnes, dressed in a b r igh t ly m-luglBd p r i n t dress and clean gingham apron, appeared a t the door and bid her v i s i t o r a f r iendly welcome. When she learned tha t the c a l l e r had not come to offer her a few yards of hemsti tching to do, whereby she might earn a l i t t l e Christmas cash, a f a in t shadow of disappointment l ingered i n her eyes* To one side of the room stood a large hemstitching machine ready for use , while above i t hung a pr in ted s ign; "A Pleased Customer I s Our Best Advertisement.H But on hearing tha t one wished to have her t e l l a t rue s tory of her own l i f e , she d e - clared tha t wouldn't be any trouble a t a l l for she knew she had a l o t to t e l l . "Come r igh t in here and have a seat i n tha t rocking c h a i r . Seems l i k e i t se t s e a s i e r than t h i s here s t r a i g h t one and I l i ke tha t bench over there side the wa l l , but I'm scared you might ge t l o s t on i t being there a i n ' t nothing of you. I reckon I b e t t e

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