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Letter from Edward H. Kass, Boston City Hospital to Joshua Lederberg



CITY OF BOSTON HOSPITAL DEPARTMENT THE BOSTON CITY HOSPITAL 818 HARRISON AVENUE, BOSTON 18. MASS. JOHN F. CONLIN. M. 0. DIRECTOR OF HOSPITALS AND SUPERINTENDENT ,December 29, 1955 Dr. Joshua Lederberg Dept. of Genetics Univ. of W isconsin Madison 6, W isconsin Dear Doctor Lederberg: During the past week we have interviewed Michael Frank who is a candidate for admission to Harvard Medical School. As we became better acquainted with him he told us of the conflict between his interests in non-medical scientific work as typified by the kind of work you are doing and his desire to go into more clinical studies. We were all impressed by this man's intellect and excellent achieve- ments to date but would hesitate to take him on if the conflict in his mind were so unresolved that it would lead to some defects later. We should greatly appreciate your estimate of this man and your opinion concerning his suitability for the study of medicine. I am aware via the usual grapevines that you at one time had a con- siderable interest in medicine and have the temerity to ask that you pass in judgement on this candidate. There were also some questions about whether he had rushed OlLfr &rough at such a rate that his intellectual achievements had E$c&, g-tripped his personal maturity and we should welcome your views on this aspect as well. I am sorry that this kind of problem did not arise before your visit to Boston a few years ago since this is the sort of thing that is so much better discussed than written about, but if you can take the time to let me know your reactions to this man, it will be of the greatest value to us. W ith many thanks. EHK:k KENMORE 6-6600

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