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3. A Case of a Boy with Olfactory Epilepsy

Sestre Milosrdnice University hospital and Institute of Clinical Medical Research; [email protected]
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untitled Acta Clin Croat, Vol. 49, (Suppl) No. 2, 2010 85 Acta Clin Croat (Suppl 2) 2010; 85-104 50th INPC Posters Neurology POSTERS NEUROLOGY 1. MILD COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT – MCI: A KEY NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL NOTION STILL UNDER DEBATE Spiru L, Turcu I, Ursu RI Research and Development Department, Ana Aslan International Acaemy of Aging Piaţa Mihail Kogalniceanu nr.1, Sc. A, et.4, ap.17 050064 Bucharest, Romania E-mail: [email protected] Introduction/Objectives: Th e central idea of our presentation is MCI - a conceptual and pathological entity defi ned by Petersen et al. in 1995 and still under debate, surrounded by a sustained attention mainly because it is a stage where suitable medical and non- medical interventions could potentially be more suc- cessful by comparison with later stages in which the changes are more and more dramatic and less suscep- tible to be amended. Participants, Materials/Methods: Th e fi rst part of our paper attempts the actual issues of the debate upon MCI concept: its usefulness, defi nition, etiol- ogy, clinical appearance and evolution, heterogeneity of the assessment scores, scales and criteria of defi ni- tion, conversion predictors, cohorts under study, re- search outcomes, treatment algorithms etc., as well as to its position in the aging and cognitive pathology matrices. As practical topics, the diff erential diagno- sis, prediction, the epidemiologic and risk factors and the drug and non-drug, preventive and curative in- terventions are also called into discussion. A special attention is paid to the exceptional high complexity of biological and functional changes that determines the MCI heterogeneous appearance. Results: Th e outcomes of our epidemiological, risk factors and the rate of conversion to Alzheimer’s Dis- ease studies in a cohort of MCI patients, as part of the EADC’s DESCRIPA Project, are also overviewed. Conclusions: Th e main conclusion is that the heterogeneities related to MCI could potentially be over

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