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Interaction of the UV-damaged DNA-binding protein with hepatitis B virus X protein is conserved among mammalian hepadnaviruses and restricted to transactivation-proficient X-insertion mutants.

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We carried out a comparative analysis of several proposed host protein partners of the human hepatitis B virus X protein (HBx) using both the GAL4- and the LexA-based yeast two-hybrid system. We showed that the interaction of HBx with the UV-damaged DNA-binding protein (UVDDB) is positive in both yeast systems, detectable in cotransfected human cells, conserved by rodent hepadnavirus X proteins (known to transactivate in human cells), and tightly correlated with the transactivation proficiency of X-insertion mutants. Taken together, our results strongly suggest that UVDDB is involved in X-mediated transactivation.

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