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New Demographic Tendencies, Employment and Labour Market in Uzbekistan



?????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ???????? ????????????????? ???? ???????????????? ????????????????????? ??? ????????????????????????????????? ????? B. Islamov R. Shadiev NEW DEMOGRAPHIC TENDENCIES, EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR MARKET IN UZBEKISTAN Central Asia is one of the cradles of world civilization. During the ancient and the Middle Ages periods it played a vital role in transmission of cultural and scientific ideas between East and West, North and South. The World benefited greatly from the work of famous people such as Avicenna, Al-Beruni, Al-Khorezmi, Ulugbek, Al- Bukharie and other distinguished scientists, thinkers, architects, etc. But in more modern era Central Asia became increasingly isolated from the World outside. As a result and because of other reasons its intellectual heritage was forgotten. Nowadays this region is emerging to become a center of attention for business, political and cultural interests of the world community. There are many objectives of this research paper. One objective is to attract the attention of world community to this region, and to learn about its historical heritage and its contemporary importance in solving global problems. The other objective is to foster closer cooperation between specialists in Central Asia and their foreign counterparts interested in demographic and labor problems. As an example of the growing interest of world community in our region is the comprehensive research «Silk road – the way of the dialogue» of the UNESCO program, “Decade of the development of the world culture”. Demographic situation Demographic factors are the essential determinants influencing the employment and strategy policy, because of their influence on mid-term and long term situation on the labor market. During recent years Uzbekistan shows a tendency of slowi

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