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Penerapan Action And Result Control Untuk Memotivasi Karyawan Dalam Rangka Meningkatkan Kinerja Karyawan Pada PT Arisu di Surabaya

Fakultas Bisnis dan Ekonomika Ubaya
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  • Hf5601 Accounting


Good corporate governance will create a good result, one of the management control are contained in the Action Control. In addition, the use of control result pertains to the way the results are obtained when the target result set and the employees really want to reach the target, then the employees will do the job as well as possible so that the results can be obtained as expected. On business entities engaged in the Printing and Laminate Tube Manufacturer needed a good performance appraisal for the achievement of quality products according to customer demand, as well as the self-motivation of employees. Control problems faced by business entities in order to improve the performance of employees is insufficient material because the company did not know about how many and what types of orders booked. Researchers used qualitative research , because research examined only one object only , namely the one business entity engaged in offset in Surabaya . The result is a control result in improving employee performance by setting regulatory entities on the work to be done to achieve a goal and a certain size . Leadership on PT . Arisu set rules or standards in assessing the employees , where the employees are assessed based on the work performed or produced , not only measured by the work done but there are some things that assessed by the leadership of both the timeliness of arrival and departure through the hiatus , the interaction with fellow employees and with their leaders , have good behavior . Whereas the control action in motivating employees to improve employee performance to reward diligent employee , remuneration based on performance , salary increases , promotions, and overtime.

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