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Markenfokussierte Distributionssysteme in Non-Food-Konsumgüterbranchen: Strukturmerkmale, Typisierungsansatz und Steuerungsproblematik.



Label focused vertical distribution systems like Esprit, S.Oliver and Swarovski are based on integrated labeling, vertical supply chains and multiple distribution channels and formats of various kinds. These three core elements are systematically interlinked in the distribution system and centrally steered. There is a functional relationship between the deployed distribution types such as mono-label stores, e-shops and outlet stores, for example. The way the various types of distribution are combined and their degree of integration can differ considerably in individual companies. The applied channels and retail formats are of the secured, the controlled and the indirect distribution types. The multi-distribution network is bound together by the system's label. Accordingly, the distribution channel management is of the multi-channel type. Such distribution systems prove to be particularly efficient both when developing large distribution areas and also when penetrating markets more deeply due to the variety of customer touch points. Starting from the system's label concept and the vertical supply chain as pivotal elements of the distribution system, the research paper focuses on the multi-distribution network and their components. The different groups of manifestations of these systems are discussed by referring to examples of companies whose characteristics are highlighted by the current status of development. In addition, success factors and the challenges posed by the management of these distribution networks are discussed.

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