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The Pinball Machine and the Cloud: Using Rules to move from Information to Knowledge

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  • B. Information Use And Sociology Of Information.
  • Bd. Information Society.
  • Chemistry


The "Il Flipper e la Nuvola" project has been created within the course of Clinical Biochemistry at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Turin. Structured in Reports, Rules, Items, Pathways and Tools (associated with the tag of the Web 2.0 or the PubMed MeSH terms ), it allows students to create new routes from time to time according to different knowledge requirements. The critical points are then: 1) objectives 2) the criteria for the selection and the quality of information 3) the possibility of the use of information. Different objectives, different rules, and choice of different information. The explicit declaration of the rules and their falsifiability allows continuous adaptation of the rules to the latest issues, making the system evolutionary and adaptive. The methodological approach is context independent and manageable, as the rules, if properly chosen, don’t need to be modified at the same rate of the Web information burden growth.

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