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Network Ethics: Information and Business Ethics in a Networked Society

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SpringerforR_DT_Cs_OutsideUSA_English-1-1 1. Parties Springer-Verlag GmbH Tiergartenstrasse 17 69121 Heidelberg, Germany SPRINGER-VERLAG GMBH SPRINGER FOR R&D AGREEMENT COVER SHEET Contact: Springer for R&D Helpdesk Tel.: ++49 6221 345 4306 Fax: ++49 6221 345 4229 E-Mail: Springer for R&[email protected] Subscriber name: Address: Contact name: Tel: Fax: E-mail: MetaPress ID: 2. Agreement The Agreement between the parties is set forth in this cover sheet and the attached schedule and terms and conditions. Capitalized terms are defined as per the attached terms and conditions. 3. Subscription Subscriber hereby subscribes to Journals and/or Books by (please check one): Subscription for print versions and for electronic versions via Springer for R&D: Subscription solely for electronic versions via Springer for R&D: The Journals and Books to which Subscriber subscribes are set forth in Schedule A. Subscriber may subscribe to additional subscriptions at any time by contacting Springer as provided at Springer for R& -1- 4. Fees Subscriber shall pay fees for the subscriptions set forth on Schedule A, either directly to Springer or to its designee, as separately agreed to between the parties. Applicable subscription rates and fees are available at and may be changed by Springer from time to time without notice. All changes in subscription rates shall be for new subscriptions or renewals only. If you have any questions about rates or fees, please make sure they are answered before you accept any subscription. Questions should be addressed to Customer Service, either by telephone at ++49-6221 345 4306, by fax at ++49-6221 345 4229, or by e-mail at Springer for R&[email protected] 5. Springer for R&D Access Authorized Users shall access Journals and Book Series via Springer for R&D by (please check one): Multiple user access with authentication via IP address only: Access with authentication via user ID and password: 6. Network Data Subscriber hereby

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