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Population mobility and service provision: a report for London Councils

London School of Economics and Political Science
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  • H Social Sciences (General)
  • Hj Public Finance
  • Hv Social Pathology. Social And Public Welfare. Criminology
  • Jn101 Great Britain
  • Js Local Government Municipal Government
  • Political Science


This study, commissioned by the London Councils, was developed to investigate and measure a number of impacts of population mobility and transience on London boroughs. Looking at the scale of recent migration and other mobility affecting the capital; the existing sources of research into the costs and consequences of population mobility; boroughs' own experience of mobility and the impacts this generates; and estimates of some of the costs of mobility for boroughs, the report develops a detailed description of some of the service consequences of population movement, as well as the implications of mobility for local government finance and evidence about the relationship between transience and social cohesion.

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