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Nixon Can Dance

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  • L200 Politics
  • W400 Drama
  • W900 Others In Creative Arts And Design


Since 2008 Jane has been investigating, exploring and devising a series of four solo pieces all extracted from her solo theatre work The Gymnast’ 2008. The root of this theatre practice comes from a personaI interest in the process of justice, how people deal with and continue to seek justice. How justice effects the perception of the self, one’s country and the routes required for rebuilding one’s self and country. Jane is now using a practice of excavation and abstraction from the seventy-minute solo work of ‘The Gymnast’ and developing a series of theatre fragments called ‘The Ten Abandonments’ and ‘Nixon Can Dance' is one of those fragments. The work you will witness is made in response to the current United Nations backed Extraordinary Chambers of Cambodia and the trial of the remaining Khmer Rouge leaders in Phnom Penh.

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