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REDEVCO Goes Green!

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PowerPoint Presentation REDEVCO GOES GREEN! Aslı Durutürk Head of Technical Department, REDEVCO Turkey Company Profile  International real estate company (18 Countries, 15 Offices)  € 7,5 bln real estate portfolio  > 5 mln sq m, > 750 properties and  Strong focus on retail, high street shopping malls, investment, development and management REDEVCO: Business in Balance  People, Planet, Profit Real estate has social, environmental effect to society REDEVCO goes green-WHY? Future of real estate market-value of property GORDİON SHOPPING CENTER - ANKARA BREEAM Certificate – August 2009 GORDİON SHOPPING CENTER - ANKARA Opening – September 2009 ERZURUM SHOPPING CENTER First BREEAM-Certified Building in Turkey – April 2009 ERZURUM SHOPPING CENTER Opening – October 2009 MANİSA SHOPPING CENTER EDİRNE SHOPPING CENTER Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method BREEAM What’s the impact of the build environment? Buildings account for: Energy Use Transport Land Use & Ecology Materials & Waste Health & Well-being Pollution Water Management GORDİON SHOPPING CENTER ERZURUM SHOPPING CENTER Tri-Generation Produce electricity via converting natural gas and as well as use heat out in air conditioning. Natural gas unit cost; 0,05 TL/kwh Electricty unit cost; 0,2-0,3 TL/ kwh 35% to 45% SAVING GORDİON SHOPPING CENTER-ANKARA Co-generation Units ERZURUM SHOPPING CENTER - ERZURUM Co-generation Units TRI-GENERATION  Decrease in necessity for emergency generator= Saving of investment and operation cost of generator  Energy safety  %20-25 energy efficiency  2000 ton, CO2/year  NOx emmission 40 mg/kwh ENERGY SUPPLY PRECAUTIONS EFFECT ENERGY ILLUMINATION  High frequency electric ballasted energy efficient flouresant lighting  Lighting control with sensors in storages, WC and technical areas LIFTS  60% energy efficient, machine roomless lifts.

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