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Hydrogenating and annealing effects of GaAs

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DOI: 10.1016/0038-1098(94)90126-0


Abstract Photoluminescence (PL) and photoreflectance (PR) measurements on a nominally undoped GaAs layer grown by molecular beam epitaxy have been carried out to investigate the neutralization of the carbons and the variation of the charges in the GaAs. After the GaAs was hydrogenated and annealed at 400°C, PL measurements showed that the relative intensity ratio between the donor-bound exciton and the carbon acceptor increased by a factor of 2. PR measurements indicate that the variation of the broadening parameter is induced by a neutralization of the carbon acceptors. These results were caused by the neutralization of the carbon due to the combination of the hydrogenic ions and the carbon ions in the GaAs or by the separation of the hydrogen atoms resulting from the thermal treatment.

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