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Simultaneous evaluation of the refractive index and oxide film thickness of thermally oxidized ZrNb alloys

Journal of Nuclear Materials
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DOI: 10.1016/0022-3115(95)00144-1


Abstract An FTIR method has been developed to simultaneously evaluate the refractive index and thickness of the oxide film on ZrNb alloys. Interference data was collected at several angles of incidence, using s-polarization. From this interference data, the refractive index was calculated for a range of thickness estimates. The degree of scatter between this refractive index data and a dispersion curve fit to the data set was minimized to determine both the oxide thickness and refractive index. The method was applied to the oxide layers grown on Zr2.5 Nb annealed ( α-Zr + β- Zr), Zr20Nb annealed (β-Zr) and Zr20Nb annealed and aged ( α- Zr + β- Nb). The refractive index of the oxide grown on β-Zr (≈2.73) was significantly different than that of the oxide grown on α-Zr (≈2.08). The oxide thicknesses determined by this method were in good agreement with weight gain and metallography results.

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