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Remarks by Walter Hallstein, President of the Commission of the European Economic Community, at the National Press Club Luncheon. Washington, DC, 11 June 1959

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' 1 . . _ June 11, 1959 FOR TMMEDTATE RELEASE Remarks by lttalten HalLsteln, presldent of the commlssj.on "' 'n" *"?i"l!i BI333"3l"B"ilfiTl3"l"3I'3138 ,r, ,rrn European unlty whleh the three of us today symboLlze nesponds to an lmperatlve: Europe must unite 1f 1ts peoples ane to malce t'hat contnlbutlon to wor.lcl pnogress commensurate wlth theln ab11l t1es and resources. Europe must unl te l f Lt ls to be stnong - l f l t 1s not to destroy l tsel f by a cont ln- u a n c e o f d 1 v 1 s 1 o n s a n d w a n s w h 1 c h h a v e m a r k e d 1 t s h 1 s t o r y f o r hundneds o f yeans . W e a n e m a k 1 n g a s t a n t t o w a r . d t h a t u n 1 t y t v 1 t h t h e � Eunopean communlty, How can r characterLze the communlty fon you? The f l rst polnt to emphaslze 1s that Li ls new. o u n E u n o p e a n C o m m u n 1 t y 1 s a s y s t e m a t I c a t t e r n p t t o a p p 1 y r^rhat vre have Leanned from the mlsfontunes of the past and the successes of othens , , lar t rLcular ly the unl ted states. , Today lt 1s no longen a dream but a neal.ity. It has alneady wnought lmpontant changes 1n Dunope. Those changes " .. .,- . w111 have wonLdwlde lmpL1cat1ons. The second lmpontant aspect of the Communlty is 1ts magnlrtude. : No slngle one of our slx nemben natlons has a natlonal output amountlng to even [email protected] of the natlonal outprrt of your country. No slngle one hag even one-th1nd of your populatlon. Imone I .1., . : l,'.:':. 1 - 2 The European comrnunlty, on the other hand, has a comblned output about 50% ot yours, wlth a populatton roughly equal to tbat of the Unlted States. Our lndustrlal pnoductlon 1s growlng fast, even faster than yours. As the Common Manket comes fu1ly lnto operatlon oven the next decade we wl1l have a vast domestlc manket equal 1n popu- latlon to your ovrn. '.rle envlsage a rate of grolvth whlch w111, bv 1975, nalse oun standand of llvlng at least up to the polnt where youns 1n funenlca ls today. The tlr_1-nd

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