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Sequence-specific binding of [N-MeCys3,N-MeCys7]TANDEM to TpA.

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The sequence selective binding of [N-MeCys3,N-MeCys7]TANDEM to DNA has been studied by footprinting experiments on DNA fragments containing the self-complementary sequences CGCGATATCGCG, CGCGTATACGCG, CGCGTTAACGCG and CGCGAATTCGCG. DNAase I and micrococcal nuclease reveal drug-induced footprints with the central sequences ATAT, TATA and TTAA, but not AATT, suggesting that the ligand binds to the dinucleotide TpA. The ligand renders certain adenines hyper-reactive to diethyl pyrocarbonate. These are observed with ATAT, TATA and TTAA, but not AATT, and are located both within, and distal to, the TpA-binding sites.

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