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Connecting practices : an electronic patient record at work in primary health care

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Connecting Practices Brit Ross Winthereik Connecting Practices an electronic patient record at work in primary health care Verbindingen maken het elektronisch patiëntendossier aan het werk in de huisartspraktijk Thesis to obtain the degree of Doctor from the Erasmus University Rotterdam by command of the Rector Magnificus Prof.dr. S.W.J. Lamberts and according to the decision of the Doctorate Board The public defence shall be held on Friday October 1st 2004 at 16.00 hrs by Brit Ross Lauritsen born at Aarhus, Denmark Doctoral Committee Promotor: Prof.dr. M. Berg Other members: Prof.dr. J. van der Lei Prof.dr. K. Schmidt Prof.dr. M.J. van den Hoven Copromotors: Dr. A. de Bont Dr. J. van der Ploeg Preface This dissertation is the outcome of four years of research. During those years connections have been established between a number of people, places, institutions, research communities, and me. It is hardly possible to express my gratitude for the work carried out by so many people in many different places to help me develop into a decent researcher. It is, however, also impossible not to do so. First, I would like to thank Jessica Mesman, whose visit to Denmark in 1998 made me apply for the European Science, Society and Technology-program at Maastricht University. Jessica introduced to me much of the literature that later was to inspire my thinking. It was also Jessica, who established the connection with Marc and the group of people that later became the RITHM-group. As co-promotor, Antoinette de Bont has been part of the project from the very beginning. Antoinette guided my transition into life as a Ph.D. student, and I am grateful for her skilful way of making it all seem very easy and manageable and for making me trust my intuitions as to what wa

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