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La France et la banque mondiale en Afrique : le cas du pôle de Dakar. Un plan d'ajustement structurel de l'éducation pour tous

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The report entitled ?Dakar + 7. Top Priority for Integrated Sector-Wide Policies?, published by the ?Pôle de Dakar? under UNESCO?s label offers some surprising conclusions. Backed by statistical studies, the authors come to question the basic philosophy of Education For All. Literacy, quality of teacher training and other fundamentals are discarded in favour of a vision entirely built on the neo-liberal concept of efficient flow regulation and reasonable use of existing resources. Faced with the slowing of the international aid promised to overcome the educational challenges on the path to the 2015 objectives, are some experts linked to the World Bank, tempted by new structural adjustment policies to which public education would become the new victim ?

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