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Using BPEL for Behavioural Concepts in ODP Enterprise Language

IFIP International Federation for Information Processing
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  • Computer Science


This paper studies the specification and the execution of behavioral concepts for Open Distributed Processing (ODP) Enterprise Language. The behavior of an ODP system is determined by the collection of all possible actions in which the system (acting as an object), or any of its constituent objects, might take part, together with a set of constraints on when these actions can occur. In order to specify the executable behavior of a system and to make the processes of the enterprise executable and controllable, the Reference Model for ODP RM-ODP can be used as a meta-model for behavioral specifications. In the enterprise language the behavior is specified in terms of roles, processes, policies, and the relationships between these concepts. Firstly, we give the description and specification of the behavior by the activity diagrams. Secondly, we define the mapping from the concepts of behavior enterprise language to BPEL concepts and we present the syntax and the structure of a BPEL Behavior process. Then we generate the corresponding BPEL and computational files to implement the specified process. Full Text at Springer, may require registration or fee

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