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1995 level thresholds : key stage 2, key stage 3

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Microsoft Word - 1995 Level thresholds.doc 1995 Level thresholds Key stage 2 English The Spelling Tests The mark schemes give the correct answers. One mark has been awarded for each correct spelling, and a total 'raw score' calculated. The raw score has been scaled to provide a spelling mark. Where a school has entered a child for both the Spelling Tests the external marker will only mark Time Machine 1 if a child fails to gain 3 marks on Time Machine 2. Levels 3 - 5 tests Level Mark range 0 0 1 - 4 1 5 - 12 2 13 - 15 3 Levels 3 - 6 Spelling Test Raw score Spelling Mark 0 0 1 - 4 2 5 - 10 3 16 - 18 5 19 - 20 6 The Handwriting Test Marks have been awarded according to the criteria given in the mark scheme, and recorded on the cover sheet for the test. Where a child was physically unable to write, the external marker has been awarded an average mark for the Handwriting Test. Table 2 Handwriting Level Handwriting Mark Levels 1 or 2 1 mark Levels 3 or 4 2 marks Levels 5 or 6 3 marks The Writing Test Markers have been awarded marks for Purpose and Organisation, Grammar and Style according to the criteria given in the mark scheme. Where the writing extends to more than one side, the marker has ticked the margin at the end of each side when he/she has read it. The marker has drawn a line at the end of the child's response. The levels 3 - 6 Reading Test Most of questions carry one mark only; some questions carry a range of marks. Overall Test Level (Reading Task) The Level Threshold In order to find an overall English test level the following procedure is used: The raw score for the Spelling Test is converted to a Spelling mark using Table 1. The assessed Handwriting level is converted into a Handwriting mark using Table 2. The Spelling and Handwriting scores are recorded on the front cover of the Spelling Test and added together. These two combined scores are entered in the third

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