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On Slavery in The Slave Girl

Croatian Academy of Science and Split Literary Circles and Arts; [email protected]
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According to available biographical data, Hanibal Lucić was, among others, a municipal judge in the city of Hvar. The paper attempts to show the extent to which legal discourse Lucić was acquainted with due to his service, is present in the dramatic organization of The Slave Girl (Robinja), by detecting and analysing two textual knots. The first knot is identified as the investigative (inquisitorial) procedure the female slave is subject to by the character Derenčin. The second knot consists of the hierarchy of various discoursive registers enabling revaluation of individual narrative elements. The stated revaluation enables the female slave to »read« her own status in an emancipated manner. The paper attempts to present the way in which reading/understanding is determined by the discourse of judicial proceeding the slave girl is subject to.

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