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rppakJ}<reeteg 9 ll} (1978) 7if ititt zl: of, es mi r± hii, ig o fu o fi ,z -(i eeI I{;! ee ]ll be 5 eJ v( LN 6 ff Mo wa "a'" ee Ig Taste Thresholds of Groups in the Health Care of Peptic Ulcer, Hypertension and Other Diseases Jlt 11 1fti {F Kazuko Ohba The thresholds of the four taste primaries for workers in care of peptic ulcer (n=30), hypertension (n=s8) and other diseases (n=38) were determined by keeping the sample in their mouths during 10 seconds. 72 healthy workers served as the control group. The results are as follows: 1) Age distribution in hypertension group are deviated to the higher age level, and mean age (4s.s) is different significantly from the control group at the o.1 % level of confidence. Differences between mean age in peptic ulcer, other dis- eases and healthy group are not significant. 2) Frequency distributions for taste thresholds are not different significantly between peptic ulcer, hypertension, other diseases and healthy group. 3) Curves of frequency distribution of taste thresholds appear the N letter type in sweet, the decline type in salty, the inverted V letter type in sour and the U letter type in bitter. 4) Mean taste threshold of sweet in the hypertension group is significantly lower from the healthy group at the s % level of confidence. s) Mean taste threshold of salty in the hypertension group is significantly higher from the healthy group at the 1 % level of confidence. 6) Mean taste threshold of sour in the hypertension group is significantly higher from the healthy group at the s% level of confidence. The difference between the peptic ulcer and the healthy group is not significant, but mean threshold of sour in the peptic ulcer group are inclined to be a little lower. 7) Mean taste thresholds of bitter in all groups are not different significantly. -27- 1 はじめに 妊婦と非妊婦の味覚閾値の測定において,甘・塩・酸の味覚閾値には有意差が認められず, 苦味の味覚閾値のみに有意差が認められるこどを既に報告した1)。身体的内部要因としての慢 性疾患と味覚閾値に関して,甘味閾値は十二指腸潰瘍と肝硬変

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