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ODREĐIVANJE METRIKE UČINKOVITOSTI MARKETINGA (Studija slučaja: Industrijske jedinice Istočnog Azerbajdžana)

Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb
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The Paper attempts to identify marketing eff ectiveness metrics in industrial units. The metrics investigated in this study are completely applicable and comprehensive, and consequently they can evaluate marketing eff ectiveness in various industries. The metrics studied include: Market Share, Profitability, Sales Growth, Customer Numbers, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty. The findings indicate that these six metrics are impressive when measuring marketing effectiveness. Data was generated from the sample of 75 marketing executives in industrial units of East Azerbaijan, one of the most important industrial zones in terms of the number of manufacturing companies in Iran, through a survey questionnaire consisting of 21 items. Results of this study clarify marketing effectiveness metrics and moreover indicate the importance of quantitative measures versus qualitative ones. Finally, a model of evaluating marketing eff ectiveness is presented.

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