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Društveni konflikti i prostorno planiranje

Institute for social research in Zagreb
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  • Economics


Planning depends in a great measure on the relations between the main participants — the administration, experts (planners) and citizens. A stable and directed development of the environment requires all stages of the planning process to be represented: investigation, laying down the objectives, planning, decision making, projects, realization, and permanent control. As regards planning the interests of individuals are manifested mainly in a negative way: as resistance to the plan, or as non-adherence to its postulates. The social groups which exercise their influence are, in some cases, ’classic’ social classes or strata, in others they consist of different groups of interest (age groups, pedestrians, drivers, immigrants, etc.)- Planning gives privileged treatment to those who are better off or better educated and who act in an organized manner. The general social interest is often difficult to define, but once it is defined it has great possibilities to come to expression. In the realization of a general interest there emerge conflict between different objectives, e. g. between economic development and the quality of living, between rational organization and freedom of choice, between productive and communal investments. Contrasts also emerge between local, national and general human objectives. Planning is often hampered by major conflicts between shortterm and long-term objectives. Various forms of misunderstanding and conflict emerge between the three basic groups of participants in planning (administration, experts and citizens); however, they also exist within those groups themselves, and can be overcome only partially. 11 conflicting situations in society are to be settled by planning, it is indispensable first to correct and supplement the existing criteria of social values and overcome the existing gap between those responsible for decision making and the real social interests.

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