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Report of the Pacific Northwest Forest Experiment Station for the calendar year 1936

Portland, Or. : Pacific Northwest Forest Experiment Station
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REPORT OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST FOREST EXPERIMENT STATION FOR THE CALENDAR YEAR 1936 A part of the 520 acres on the Pringle Falls Experimental Forest where every tree has been numbered, classified, and log graded, preparatory to testing the silvics and econom- ics of seven methods of selective cutting. The trees marked with an X would be removed under the new maturity selection system. R - NW Reports Annual Portland, Oregon January 19, 1937 REPORT OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST FOREST EXPERIMENT STATION FOR THE CALENDAR YEAR 1936 Thornton T. Munger, Director CONTENTS Page Highlights of 1936 1 Personnel, Finances, and Library 4 Experimental Forests 9 Silvicultural Studies Forestation and Botanical Research - 12 Douglas Fir Silviculture 13 Ponderosa Pine Silviculture 15 Fire Studies 17 Forest Mensuration 20 Range Studies 24 Forest Products Investigations 25 Forest Survey 28 Logging Economics 31 Forest Land Economics 36 Publications and Dissemination of Results- - 40 Appendix - List of Current Projects - - 44 HIGHLIGHTS OF 1936 During the year 1936 much time of the regular staff was de- voted to planning and directing a large amount of development work on the five experimental forests. Our routine correspondence and contacts were greater than ever before, and the Station's facilities were very much sought by the general public, yet material progress was made on nearly every current project and notable achievement reached in some. -1- The more significant events of the year might be summarized as follows: 1. The launching of a new section of range studies at the Station, which has long been needed to round out the research program. 2. The completion of inventory, depletion and growth field work on the forest survey of Oregon and Washington after seven seasons, three of which were spent east of the Cascades. 3. The printing and distribution of five of the eight litho- graphed colored type maps resulting from the fo

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