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Measurements of Si ion stopping in amorphous silicon

Elsevier Science B.V.
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  • Silicon
  • Energy Loss
  • Stopping
  • Time Of Flight
  • Physics And Astronomy


The stopping of Si-28 ions in polycrystalline Si foils has been measured over the energy range 0.1-3.3 MeV per nucleon. For the low energy interval (0.1-0.5 MeV per nucleon), time of flight-energy elastic recoil detection analysis method was used, whilst for the high energy region (1.2-3.3 MeV per nucleon) the energy loss in the same foil was measured using a Si p-i-n diode with the Si-28 ions directly incident on the foil following acceleration. Below the stopping maximum the results are in good agreement with literature data based on Doppler shift measurements of short nuclear lifetimes but are about 20%, smaller than the SRIM prediction. Above the stopping maximum the data are in agreement with SRIM within the limits of statistical uncertainty.

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