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Distribution and function of resins and glandular hairs in Western Australian plants

Royal Society of Western Australia
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The taxonomic distribution of glandular hairs and resins is documented. Resinous plants are prevalent in some genera within the Mimosaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Sapindaceae, Boraginaceae, Dlcrastylidaceae, Lamiaceae, Myoporaceae, Solanaceae, and Goodeniaceae. With few exceptions there is a correlation between surface resin and glandular hair distribution. The genus Eremophila is discussed as representative of a resinous, arid genus. Some properties of the leaf resins of Beyeria viscosa and Eremophila fraseri are discussed in detail. Resins may have a function in reducing water loss by increasing resistance to cuticular transpiration and by reducing leaf temperature by increasing radiation reflectance from the leaf.

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