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Pražské jaro a srpen 1968 na Českobudějovicku

Publication Date
  • České Budějovice
  • Pražské Jaro
  • Reformy
  • Srpen 1968
  • Okupace
  • Moskevský Protokol
  • Počátky Normalizace
  • České Budějovice
  • Prague Spring
  • Reforms
  • August 1968
  • Occupation
  • The Moscow Protocol
  • The Beginnings Of Normalization
  • History
  • Political Science


This diploma thesis is focused on period of Prague Spring 1968 and it also marginally follows its development in the following years 1969 and 1970. The thesis deals with the district of České Budějovice and studies all the key events of the year 1968 in this district and especially in its capital town. Regional events are researched and compared in the context of the whole Czechoslovakian Republic. Besides the description of the important events, the thesis is also focused on the everyday life of the town?s inhabitants in the time of the Soviet occupation. During the author?s research the records from the State Regional Archives Třeboň (the fund of South Bohemian Regional Committee of Communist Party of Czechoslovakia ? JKV KSČ) and the State District Archives České Budějovice (the fund of Town?s National Committee České Budějovice ? MěNV České Budějovice - and the chronicles) were used. The author of this thesis also worked with the period and contemporary newspapers as well as six eyewitnesses of the described events. The knowledge learned from the archive records is completed with the pieces of information from the literature. Attention in this diploma thesis is paid especially to the politics of JKV KSČ and MěNV České Budějovice in the time of the Prague Spring reforms, organizations such as KAN and K 231, daily newspaper Jihočeská pravda after the abolition of censorship, occupation of České Budějovice and other towns in the district by the Soviet forces, victims of the occupation and the events that occurred in the autumn of 1968, especially the incidents that happened during the Great October Socialist Revolution celebration.

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