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Problematika stresu u studentů distančního vzdělávání

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze
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  • Stres
  • Stresor
  • Eustres
  • Distres
  • Deprese
  • Odolnost
  • Zátěž
  • Mobbing
  • Zdravotní Rizika
  • Stress
  • Stress Factor
  • Eustress
  • Distress
  • Depression
  • Resiliance
  • Load
  • Mobbing
  • Health Risks
  • Economics


The diploma thesis is divided into two parts. The first one - theoretical - is mainly focused on explanation of terms connected to stress, potential stress symptomps and sources and potential health risks. Further it describes division of stress, types of human behaviour, differences in approach to difficulties, and last but not least also the stress related to employment and distance studies. The second part is empirical. That was divided into seven areas of theses that we tried to prove or disprove by means of questionnaires of Social Re-adaptation Scale (Holmes - Rahe) and LOC (Rotter) and then by means of their consequentialevaluation. In the conclusion of the thesis we try to summarize the acquired information and to create factual conclusions.

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