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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Emma Klieneberger-Nobel

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Genetics Department, University of Wisconsin October 2, 1951. Dear Dr. Klieneberger-Nobel: Pending a morevdefinite indication of your plans, no fixed arrange- ments have been made for your visit here. However, I think that we can assure you an honorarium to cover your travel expenses from the Fast Coast here up to about $150, which should be ample. Professors Szilard and Novick at the University of Chicago are also very much interested in the possibility of a visit from you, and if you were willing to include a stopover with them en route to Madison, a more comforatble financial arrangement might be possible. Inasmuch as all trains and most air flights to Madison are rofited via Chicago, this would entail a minimum of inconvenience. We have notlbing new to report on our work on L-forms. A new graduate student here is undertaking to introduce genetic markers into the %oli" 204, SO far una&ccesafully. It is the first strain we have en- aountered which could not be made to yield streptomycin-resistant mutants, We have also noted that filtrates of T3 grown on B might appear to be sterile, and remain non-turbid, yet ~0 produce nukbera of colonies on plain agar. This suggests that l%omebacksll may sometimes be a consegqencs of inhibition of bacterial growth by subetances in the lysates. It would be extremely gratifying to be able to reproduce the L-cycle with this strain, for it would be technically the most approp- riate for studying the possibility of sexuality from a genetic viewpoint. I have just had occasion to read your paper in the August issue of JGM. The concept that bacilli regenerated from L-forms are better adapted to the adverse conditions than the original bacilli is not readily under- stood from a genetic point of view. If the initial culture is genetically homogeneous, and we have every reason to regard this as the general situation, no amount of reassortment can produce anything dfferent from the initial type.1 would rather suspect tha

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