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Prediction of resonant oscillation

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  • The Invention Relates To Methods For Prediction Of Parametric Rolling Of Vessels
  • The Methods Are Based On Frequency Domain And Time Domain Information In Order Do Set Up A Detector
  • The Methods Use Measurements Of E
  • G
  • Pitch And Roll Oscillations And Compare The Measured Oscillations Using Fft Analysis Of Signal Corre
  • Variance Analysis Of Signals And Other Comparisons
  • As An Example
  • The Presence Of A Growing Peak Around A Frequency That Doubles The Roll Natural Frequency Indicates
  • L


Prediction of resonant oscillation - DTU Orbit (15/04/14) Poulsen, NK, Blanke, M & Galeazzi, R Oct. 21 2010, Prediction of resonant oscillation WO10118752.

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