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Usporedba dviju karata Splitsko-dalmatinske županije, Turistička karta – Srednja Dalmacija – Splitsko-dalmatinska županija i Regijska karta Srednja Dalmacija, Split i šira okolica – školska karta – Županija Splitsko-dalmatinska

Croatian Cartographic Society
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untitled Some time ago, I stumbled upon two different maps of the Split-Dal- matia County. At first, I noticed how different they were concerning col- ours, data amount and representa- tion, as well as arrangement of outer lettering elements. I was surprised even more when I read that both maps were produced by the same au- thors. This motivated me to analyse the maps in more detail and present the results of their comparison. In order to facilitate understand- ing, in further text "Map no. 1" is go- ing to refer to the Tourist Map of the Split-Dalmatia County by Pejo Bročić and associated Emin Sarajlić, pub- lished by the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board (Fig. 1). Regional Map Central Dalmatia, Split and Surroundings – School Map, Split-Dalmatia County by Pejo Bročić and Emin Sarajlić, private publishing is going to be referred to as "Map no. 2" (Fig. 2). The comparison analysed basic elements of both maps, i.e.: title, re- presentation area and orientation, content, scale, projection data, map format, legend, map graphics, author (producer) and production date, pu- blisher and circulation, manner of production and printing, originals, miscellaneousmap elements. Map titles Map no. 1 does not contain a title, which can be explained by the title being on the back and showing when the map is folded to pocket format. According to the author, the assump- tion is correct, because the title is on the side, and the map was prepared and printed with the title Srednja Prije nekog sumi vremena u ruke došle dvije različite karte Splitsko- dalmatinske županije. Na prvi sam pogled uočio njihovu veliku različi- tost u koloritu, količini i načinu pri- kaza podataka, kao i razmještaju pojedinih elemenata vanjskog opisa pa me još više iznenadilo kada sam pročitao da su obje izradili isti autori. To me ponukalo da se prihvatim po- drobnije analize obiju karata i ovdje vam iznesem rezultate njihove uspo- redbe. Zbog lakšeg razumijevanja na koju se kartu odnosi pojedini podatak, u nastavku će se

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