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Djelovanje temperature u mostovima sandučastog poprečnog presjeka

Croatian association of civil engineers
Publication Date
  • Sandučasti Poprečni Presjek
  • Most
  • Armirani Beton
  • Djelovanje Temperature
  • Pješački Most U Podgorici
  • Eurokod 1
  • Bridge
  • Box-Shaped Cross Section
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Temperature Action
  • Pedestrian Bridge In Podgorica
  • Eurocode 1
  • Mathematics


Results obtained by the study of temperature action on structural assemblies of box girder bridges are presented. The testing conducted on a pedestrian bridge in Podgorica is described. Based on regression analysis, mathematical relations were set, and equations were developed so as to determine in which way mean temperatures in the concrete structure are influenced by external air temperatures in the shade. These equations are compared with equations developed by other authors, and also with the curve presented in Eurocode 1.

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