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Funkcijski obzerver za sustave upravljanja gibanjem

KoREMA - Croatian Society for Communications, Computing, Electronics, Measurement and Control
Publication Date
  • Upravljanje Gibanjem
  • Obzerver Poremećaja
  • Estimacija
  • Obzerver Akceleracije
  • Motion Control
  • Disturbance Observer
  • Estimation
  • Acceleration Observer


This paper presents a novel functional observer for motion control systems to provide higher accuracy and less noise in comparison to existing observers. The observer uses the input current and position information along with the nominal parameters of the plant and can observe the velocity, acceleration and disturbance information of the system. The novelty of the observer is based on its functional structure that can intrinsically estimate and compensate the un-measured inputs (like disturbance acting on the system) using the measured input current. The experimental results of the proposed estimator verifies its success in estimating the velocity, acceleration and disturbance with better precision than other second order observers.

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