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The Road Map For Tomorrow



"The Road Map for Tomorrow", looks at the woman and the workplace within the Indian context. The authors discuss the paradoxical situation in India, the complexities of the country, the vast differences between rural and urban India and the baffling mix of tradition and modernity. The seemingly conflicting demands of the workplace and of motherhood and other societal roles is explored with a view to finding a Golden Mean, a new paradigm which may be possible in tomorrows world, given the advent of enabling technologies and globalization. The crucial role that women can play not only in the organizational context but also in the process of nation building is discussed. The importance of Education and "Teacher Leaders" is emphasized. Women can play a vital role in this process of social transformation. The old saying, "The Child is the Father of Man" can be replaced by "the Girl Child is the Mother of Mankind". Indian women carry the legacy of a civilization thousands of years old. This legacy is a mixed blessing, in that it is both a burden and a source of inspiration. The challenge is to distill the best from the past, transform ancient wisdom into modern day paradigms and not be shackled by the bondage of age- old dogmas and beliefs. The new millennium may well usher in an era, where not only women, but the entire human race can more easily achieve self-actualization and both professional and personal satisfaction. The leaders of tomorrow should be identified not by their gender, but by their capability and merit. The paper ends with the hopeful note that men and women will both create spaces and roles to enjoy multi-dimensional lives which are fulfilling at work and home and which allow for individual choices for personal and professional growth.

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