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Electrophilic Substitution Reactions of Copper(II) Acetylacetoneimine Complexes with Arene Diazonium Ions

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  • Inorganic & Physical Chemistry


Copper(II) complexes of ethylene/propylene-bis(acetylacetoneimine), Cu(baen) or Cu(bapn), react quickly and quantitatively in aqueous methanol at the methine position with arene diazonium ions in a stepwise manner to yield mono- and di-substituted copper(II) complexes. All the complexes are paramagnetic with μeff∼1.88 B.M. In all the complexes the diazo substituted part of the ligand coordinates to the metal through the agr-nitrogen of the azo group and the imine nitrogen, forming glyoxaliminearylhydrazone type of ligand system. The complexes have been characterized by elemental analysis, electronic, esr, ir and mass spectroscopic methods.

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