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Brandteknisk riskvärdering av Gevahuset, Laholm

Lunds universitet/Brandteknik
Publication Date
  • Utrymning
  • Brandteknisk Riskvärdering
  • Responstidsindex (Rti)
  • Fds 3.1
  • Simulex 11.1.3
  • Simulering
  • Gevahuset.A
  • Technology And Engineering


The purpose of this report is to evaluate the fire safety of Gevahuset. The report is based on a number of representative fire scenarios and computer simulations of evacuation and fire development. Suggestions on improvement of the safety lever are presented. The programs used, as tools in the evaluation process, are FDS, SIMULEX, Detact T2 and FAST. The program FDS has generated output concerning smoke filling and fire spread. SIMULEX has been used to estimate the evacuation time from the building. The activation time of sprinklers has been calculated with the programs Detact T2 and FAST. A description of Gevahuset and its different activities has been included along with the existing fire precautions.

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