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Programy Evropské unie na podporu mobility studentů - porovnání mobility českých a německých studentů

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  • Vzdělávání A Odborná Příprava V Evropě
  • Mobilita Studentů
  • Program Celoživotního Učení
  • Program Erasmus
  • Education And Training In Europe
  • Mobility Of Students
  • Lifelong Learning Programme
  • Erasmus Programme
  • Education


The bachelor thesis deals with the European Union programmes to support education and mobility, with an emphasis on the most widely used programme Erasmus. The work is divided into two main parts, the theoretical and the practical part. Introduction of the theoretical part is devoted to the education policy of the European Union. It briefly describes the process of creating a European area of higher education, including the development vision for education in Europe by 2020. Furthermore, the theoretical part deals with individual programmes to support education and mobility. The practical part deals with the analysis of the development of selected Erasmus indicators in the Czech Republic and Germany. The first phase is devoted to a comparison of student mobility in the Czech Republic and Germany. In the second phase of the practical part there is a comparison of the student mobility on two selected universities ? the University of South Bohemia and the University of Passau. At the end of the practical part there is a presentation of the questionnaire results which was aimed on students of the University of South Bohemia. It explains the disproval of the second hypothesis.

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