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Supuringu kuracchi burēki niyoru kūkiatsu shirinda no ichi gime

  • Design


High speed drive and accurate positioning of a pneumatic cylinder are presented. A working rod coupled with the piston rod through a spring-clutch is driven by the cylinder until it reaches a preset position, then stopped by a spring-brake. These spring-clutch and brake are operated by push-pull solenoids triggered with the signals generated by a microcomputer TK-80. Indirect drive of a working rod discussed here can eliminate the troublesome drawback due to the compressibility of air. Furthermore, it can achieve accurate positioning of the working rod with high speed as well as shockless stopping. Positioning accuracy of only 20mm stroke with mean velocity up to about 800mm/s is within±0.5mm. In conclusion, there are described the design features of this scheme in addition to an adequate evaluation.

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