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Metáforas tecnológicas do cotidiano : uma análise do falar alemão

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  • Technologie <Motiv>
  • Metapher
  • Kontext
  • Weltbild
  • Schriftlichkeit
  • Ddc:430
  • Communication


This paper deals with metaphorical transference of technical concepts to our everyday way of speaking. At the focus of the investigation there will be the question why one finds specifically in German, in comparison with Portuguese, for instance, frequently, tecnological metaphors related to other metaphorical concepts. On the basis of some examples extracted from the comparative survey "Brasilianische und deutsche Wirklichkeiten – eine vergleichende Fallstudie zu kommunikativ erzeugten Sinnwelten " [Brazilian and German realities – a comparative case study of communicatively created universes of meanings], we will discuss what traces of the German language and of historical-cultural development of the German nation contribute to such dynamics of everyday metaphors.

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