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Nursing interventions in crisis-oriented and long-term psychiatric home care



Psychiatric nurses in The Netherlands are moving out of residential mental health institutions and are pioneering home care for the acutely and chronically mentally ill. The purpose of this study was to identify the interventions nurses currently use and to describe the differences between crisis-oriented and long-term psychiatric home care. Data was collected of 159 nursing care plans from four participating crisis-oriented and two long-term psychiatric home care teams. All stated nursing activities were identified and subsequently labelled and classified using the Nursing Intervention Classification (NIC). Results revealed that in both crisis-oriented and long-term psychiatric home care, nurses used a wide range of nursing interventions. Medication Management, Coping Assistance and Activity Therapy were the most frequently undertaken nursing interventions in both types of care. Within crisis-oriented care, Emotional Support and Self-esteem Enhancement dominated, whereas long-term care focused on Socialization Enhancement and Home Maintenance Assistance. The results will be used for further research and for standardization of nursing care plans within these categories of nursing practice

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