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Individualism and Groupism in New Product Development Process: Comparative Study between Japanese Firms and American Firms

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【要約】新製品開発の進め方として, 個人が重要な役割を果たすケースと, チームが重要な役割を果たすケースの2つを識別し, 日本と米国では, それぞれのあり方がどう違うのか,また,なぜ違うのか, について考察した。 技術者市場とプロフェッションの発達した米国では, 個人が組織を動かして事業を起こしうること, チームを作る場合には, メンバーをプロジェクトチームの中に囲い込まざるを得なくなること, これに対して, 技術者市場やプロフェッションの発達していない日本では, 人々は, 機能部門に属しながら, 協働すること, 個人が重要な役割を果たす場合も, 個人としてやれる範囲の活動にとどまることが明らかにされた。 【Abstract】As approaches to new product development, I distinguished the following two; an approach where an individual plays an important role and an approach where a team plays an important role. I analyzed how and why they differ between Japanese firms and American firms. In the United States where engineer market and profession are fully developed, individuals can launch a new business through influencing an organization as a whole, but they have to encircle members into a project team, when they have to rely on a team. In contrast, in Japan where engineer market and profession are not developed so much, people can collaborate as a team while belonging to the functional groups, but even though individuals play an important role, they engage only in activities they can do as individuals.

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