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Bidan Desa dan Persalinan oleh Tenaga Kesehatan : Determinan Sosial dan Geografis

Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta
  • Gis
  • Poverty
  • Region
  • Skilled Birth Attendants
  • Midwives.


Skilled Birth assistan (SBA) is a key component to reduce maternal mortality. In indonesia, the coverage of SBA was varied among regionsand proportin of poor household at distric level. The aim of this study is to correlate the proportion of poor household at district level and the ratio of midwife per village and the coverage of skilled birth attendants based on region. This is an ecological study that used data from institute of health and research, Ministry of Health. These data was a combination from various national surveys like Riskesdas, Susenas and podes 2007-2008. Correlational analysis was perfomed to test the hypothesis thatincluded of 440 districts in indonesia. This study found that there is a positive correlation between the ratio of midwife per village and the coverage of skilled birth attendants (r=0.68; p=0.000). This correlation varied at different region; Kalimantan (r=0.76), sumatera (r=0.63), sulawesi (r=0.57), Jawa-Bali (r=047), Maluku-papua-nusa Tenggara (r=0.44). This study also reveals that the correlation coeficion was varied according to the percentage of poor people at district level; quartil 1 (r=0.69), quartil 2 (r=0.62), quartil 3 (r=0.51), quartil 4 (r=0.34). In conclusion, the ratio of midwife per village increases as the percentage the skilled birth attendants increases. The correkation varied across regions and proportion of poor people at distric level.

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