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The Department of Education's fourth statement of new regulation

Department of Education
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THE DEPARTMENT FOR EDUCATION’S STATEMENT OF NEW REGULATION THE DEPARTMENT FOR EDUCATION’S FOURTH STATEMENT OF NEW REGULATION The Coalition Government’s first Statement of New Regulation included one legislative measure from the Department – the Education (Independent Educational Provision in England) (Provision of Information) Regulations 2010 (which came into force in January 2011) – that was classified as an ‘OUT’, and reduced costs to the independent schools sector by £0.07 million (EANCB) (£M, 2009). The Department had no legislative measures in the second and third Statements of New Regulation. Legislative measures to be included in a Statement of New Regulation are classified (and independently validated) under ‘One In, One Out’ (‘OIOO’) as: ‘INs’; ‘OUTs’; and, ‘ZERO NETs’ according to their impact on the specified business sector. For the fourth Statement of New Regulation, the Department had: no ‘INs’; seven ‘OUTs’; and, one ‘ZERO NET’. The Department’s closing balance at 31 December 2012 (that also marks the close of ‘OIOO’) was -£10.71 million (EANCB) (£M, 2009). ‘OUT’ IMPACT ASSESSMENT NUMBER TITLE OF THE MEASURE PURPOSE OF THE MEASURE DATE THE MEASURE CAME INTO FORCE EQUIVALENT ANNUAL NET COST TO BUSINESS (EANCB) (£M, 2009) IMPACT ASSESSMENT LINK DFE0014 Revised statutory guidance Free Early Years Education for Three- and Four-Year Olds To reform and simplify radically statutory guidance to help local authorities and providers to deliver free early education September 2012 -£0.46 http://www.ialibrary.bis. ent/?IAID=97e2eb24fd1 3425c8790449a963761 e7 DFE0017 Early Years Foundation Stage (Learning and Development Requirements) (Amendment) Order 2012 To enact the revised learning and development requirements for early years, reducing bureaucracy while improving the focus on how children learn September 2012 -£9.70 http://www.ialibrary.bis. ent/?IAID=a66

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