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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Rolf Siepmann



OFFICE MEMORANDUM . STANFORD UNIVERSITY . OFFICE MEMORANDUM . STANFORD UNIVERSITY . OFFICE MEMORANDUM To : FROM : SUBJECT: Joshua Lederberg, Ph.D. Department of Genetics DATE: April 21, 1975 David A. Hamburg, M.D. Visit Dr. Norman Sartorius - World Health Organization, May 8 Dear Josh: On Thursday, May 8, Dr. Norman Sartorius will be visiting Stanford. He is the Director of the Office of Mental Health and Behavioral Science of the World Health Organization. Recently, under the leadership of Dr. Thomas Lambo, Deputy-Director of WHO, an expansion of WHO activities in "psycho social aspects of health" has been authorized by the relevant governing bodies of WHO. Dr. Sartorius is largely responsible for developing plans to implement this new mission , which is in a critical formative stage. I am trying to help him in this work and therefore am setting up a small dinner at the Faculty Club on Thursday, May 8 and hope very much that you will be able to attend. It will be a working dinner at which Dr. Sartorius will make a brief presentation of the nature of the task and raise questions which he would like to have discussed. I believe these questions will center on: 1. important problems that are potentially researchable; 2. competent investigators, especially in developing countries; the relation of research activities to health services and education in developing countries; 3. relation of psycho-social research to biological research, particularly - - in respect to a new biomedical research institute under Zambia. We will meet at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 8 and forward to seeing you there. WHO auspices in I certainly look Please notify my office, extension 7-6309, whether you will be able to make it. DAH:mW (dictated by Dr. Hamburg and signed in his absence)

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