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through the locks at Oregon City for the year ending May 31, 1879, furnished me through the courtesy of Frank T. Dodge, agent Oregon. Steam Navigation Company: Ton. Up freight : Miscellaneous merchandise, & c 8, 857 Down freight : Wheat, flour, &c., 62,998 toils; sundry produce, 7,875 tons. 70, 873 Total freight 79,730 Up passengers 9, 329 Down passengers 9, 931 Total passengers 19, 260 The total Number of boats engaged in this transportation, including all the companies 12 Number of times the steamboats passed through the locks 1, 377 A statement of funds and a chart of the snagboat, with its propelling power attached, are transmitted herewith. Money statement. July 1, 1878, amount available $20, 126 25 Amount appropriated by act approved March 3, 1879 12, 000 00 $32,126 25 July 1, 1879, amount expended during fiscal year 17, 724 74 July 1, 1879, amount available 14, 401 51 Amount (estimated) required for completion of existing project 63, 500 00 Amount that can be profitably expended in fiscal year ending June 30, 1881 63, 500 00 Abstract of proposals for the removal of rock from the channel of the Upper Willamette River, opened by Maj. John M. Wilson, Corps of Engineers, August 20, 1878. Names and residences of bidders. 272 cubic yards of rock, more or less ; per cable yard. Remarks. 1 Joseph Paquet, Oregon City, Oreg $8 90 Contract awarded. 2 W. P. Hayden, Rockland, Cal 9 00 3 Trewaras & Ballantyne, Portland, Oreg 11 15 4 Peter Paquet, Oregon City, Oreg 13 80 19 00 For 171.63 yards at Bissell's Rock. 5 J. B. Montgomery, Portland, Oreg 18 00 For 100 yards at Davis Rock. Abstract of contract for the improvement of the Upper Willamette River, Oregon, in force during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1879. Name and residence of contractor. Date of contract. subject of contract Price per cubic yard. Remarks. 1 Joseph Paquet, Oregon City, Oreg. Aug. 23, 1878, Rock excavation.. Contract completed October 14, 1878. $8 90 REPORT OF MR. ROBERT A. HABERSHAM, ASSISTANT ENGINEER. UNITED STATES ENGINEER OFFICE, Portland, Oreg., July 1, 1879. COLONEL: I have the honor to submit the following report of operations on the Upper Willamette, conducted under the direction of this office, during the last fiscal year: On the 6th of July, 1878, the snagboat was towed from Portland to the dry-dock at Oregon City, where her hull was calked; thence to the foot of Ash Island, 38 miles from Portland, arriving on the 8th and beginning work on the same day. From this point the boat proceeded slowly upstream, removing snags and drift, working her

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