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Microsoft Word - TandareanuN.doc Volume IV/ Issue 3(9)/ Fall 2009 473 MOBILE AGENTS MODELING AND THEIR USE TO KNOWLEDGE REPRESENTATION AND PROCESSING Book Review Nicolae łĂNDĂREANU, University of Craiova, Romania he term of Agent appears in the mid-50s, being proposed by two researchers at MIT, first John McCarthy and then Oliver Selfridge and research in the field know two important stages of development. First started in 1977 and has considered agents act on symbolic reasoning. The second began in the '90s and studied mainly typology of agents and how they can collaborate in the network. There are many applications of mobile agents: monitoring computing resources, information retrieval in client-server architecture, computer network management, electronic commerce, problems authentication, information security and many others. The research proposed in this volume can be placed in a common area of the mathematics and informatics. First, in this book it is integrated the concept of mobile agent in an algebraic environment of knowledge representation and processing, which is obtained using some concepts of universal algebra. In this work is studied the mathematical formalism for knowledge representation and processing using the inheritance concept and the result of this approach is materialized in a proper view on the formal description of the multi-agent systems. This approach will lead to a simple and concise theory with applications in various areas: transportation, medicines, Internet, economics, e-learning, etc. That explains the connection with the mathematical field. In terms of informatics, here are distinguished several areas of research from the volume that are closely related: defining a model of multi-agent system - which involves important notions of Artificial Intelligence, programming mobile agents - which is a relatively new field in computer science, the implementation of mobile agents

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