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A method for predicting local structure-induced sediment scour based on near bottom flow measurements

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A method of predicting equilibrium scour depths around multiple pile structures based on pre-scoured bottom shear stress was developed in this study. It was hypothesized that a relationship exists between the pre-scoured bottom shear stress and the equilibrium scour depth. A series of hydrodynamic tests were conducted in which near-bottom flow measurements were made in the vicinity of a variety of multiple pile structures. The distribution of bottom shear stress was estimated from these flow measurements. Scour tests were then made in the same flume using the same structures. A simple relationship between the equilibrium scour depth and the pre-scoured bottom shear stress was formulated and the data from the two sets of experiments were used to calibrate and test the formulation. The formulation gives reasonable predictions for the range of conditions tested. The approach appears promising as an alternative way of estimating equilibrium local scour depths for complex multiple pile structures. In addition, a number of interesting and useful findings were made regarding the rate at which a local scour hole forms near complex structures. (Document contains 146 pages.)

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