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Personality Under the Light of Valency Theory:A Shift to “sociality”

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the theory of personality based on valency theory differs from Freud’s and Jung’s in a numberof significant aspects. First, it rejects the concept of personality as based on theconception of the person as a completlyindependent being, proposing a new concept, namely sociality.Unlike personalityasgenerally defined,socialitywithallitscharacteristics is not whatseparate a person from another, but what bounds him/her tothem. Sociality is definedasalltheemotional, intellectual and behavioral responsesapersondisplays towards others.It is constituted by two complementary poles one directedtowards the self, and the othertowards theobject. Sociality is not the primary factorthatdeterminestheperson’sreaction.What constitutes theprimarydeterminant factor isthesubject’svalencystructure. Sociality isdetermined by the valency structure, especially the activevalency which constitutes the mostinfluential and determinant component.

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