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Posredovana slika svijeta - mediji, umjetnost i tehnologija u umreženom društvu

University North; [email protected]
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  • Mediji
  • Posredovanost
  • Tehniziranje Svijeta
  • Umreženo Društvo
  • Media
  • Mediation
  • Technologization Of World
  • Networked Society
  • Communication
  • Social Sciences


Significant social changes that appear due to the process of technologizing of the world, wich is increasingly delivered to the mediation, create a completely new culture, new form of communication, new values and meanings. The whole „image mechanism“ (Zerzan) is in motion in digital age and transforms human perception of reality, there to uncovering situation when „the world of images becomes the image of the world“. In society saturated with mediation (Sloterdijk), captivated by the new reality, modern man is less and less awake to recognize to what extent this technical symbolics conquered the spiritual, where hyperreality uncovers its mono-dimensionality on a completely specific way.

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